Diary of a call girl…

Diary of a call girl…

OMG, how electrifying was the work yesterday. Might just say that was my dream job come true!

Yesterday morning I went to the beauty parlour (beautician) to wax my intimate areas. I would not have thought that within a few hours I will already make some use of this 🙂  Only kept a minimal strip in the middle (landing line haha) Also, I have bought a pretty silk and lace lingerie set. To be exact, it’s my 38 sets of sexy lingerie.

Moni asked me this afternoon: if I would like to accompany a lovely foreign gentleman the evening for a dinner in an elegant restaurant. Of course, I would – I thought. Especially that it turned out we will go to one of the best restaurants in Budapest that just received a Michelin star. How awesome is that?

At least I do not have to cook tonight. I hate cooking. I picked a pretty black dress which shows my figure, but not provocative, but sexy enough that everyone will look at me when I enter the restaurant. That’s how I love it. My guests always praised me, how sexy and smart I dress. I feel they proud to be with me and it makes me want to look even better.

But hey, Once again I’m going away from the subject here. Let’s get back to the evening… We were sitting on the terrace of the restaurant with my dinner partner. I liked his smile and hands. We were chatting easily about things. He was loose and loved sexy jokes. We were looking at women who have passed by in front of us on the street. OMG, I have to admit: so many beautiful women walking around in Budapest, it’s crazy! Paradise. We have done this long enough to turn out that I am bisexual.

He felt excited by the fact and asked for another escort girl from Moni to join us so we can enjoy the evening and have a threesome. Within 45 minutes a beautiful young blonde girl with big boobs, fresh baby skin have joined us. Suddenly I did not even know if I should be jealous or worship her. I was under her spell. She has ordered dessert, a raspberry mousse with whipped cream…. while she ate the dessert, she has licked the cream sexily off her lips! Ouuccchhhhh….. so sexy.

Can’t control me. I could have made out with here then and there – right on top of the table. Finally, the guest called us and have had a farewell drink. The little blond girl (I do not want to write her name here, as she works also with Moni) glazed at me and started praising my dress, how cute, you look very innocent in it etc. I took my high heels off. It’s more comfortable without them. Meanwhile, our dinner partner also made few phone calls. The formality to reassured his home partners that all is going well in Budapest. He is in good hands and will spend the evening with good friends and the business meeting is going well too.

Meanwhile, the blonde girl offered to massage my legs. Of course, I let her get on with it. She kneeled in front of me and slowly run her hands up on my legs. All the way up to my thighs where she found and switch off my stockings. She pulled down them and started applying the cream on my feet and began to roll up and down my legs with sensual movements. The cream dropped on her dress so I quickly strip her out from it to prevent further accidents from happening. She was wearing a super sexy black lingerie and her natural boobs were hanging out from the bra. Wanting to break through it. I took my clothes off as well.  Well, the foot massage finished pretty soon and became a more sensual thigh or rather say full body massage. I took a long blonde curl of her hair, wrap my fingers around it, grasp from excitement and pulled her face closer to mine. I felt her warm peach-flavoured gum breath. I toyed with her little, waiting a little more. Felt her excitement. She was desperately waiting to be kissed. Meanwhile, she pressed her huge breasts closer to my stomach. And I begin to wonder: After all, she is not that innocent as she looks. Yummy.

Then she kissed me slowly. She playfully sucked, licked my lips and tongue. Meanwhile, I took off her bra. Her hard nipples pressed against my pants, and I felt that her nipples getting harder while rubbing my clit. Then I looked on the side and remembered the guest. He just gazed us with amusement. Lol, we almost forgot about him! That moment a brilliant idea came to me. I have shared it with my new blonde friend. We stood up and walked our dinner partner.

Mmmm, my phone is ringing again. It’s Moni. She called because I got another job. I have to go now. I’ll finish this another time. Shame, the best part was only about to begin…

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