Experiences with beautiful escorts in Budapest

Experiences with beautiful escorts in Budapest

As we mentioned in an earlier entry, we would like to publish our clients’ experiences from time to time, in which they are telling their stories about how they spent their time in Budapest. In our latest post we will publish one of these.

All started with, that our joint company (you can imagine, we are softer engineers, full on geeks) after finishing up a bigger job, all four of us decided to wind off with an active kind of relaxation. From various offers we choose Budapest because of many reasons. First of all, many of our colleagues have already been here and they have told so many stories about their amazing experiences, secondly we were aware of the city’s relative low price range, which made it ideal to the youth with similar expectation. What the city could give us, from what we have heard, eventually it surpassed our needs.

We started to search on the internet even while we were still at home, so we could properly organise our 4 day trip. We decided to book an apartment which is more suitable for partying, instead of staying in a hotel. Fortunately there is a great selection of short term flats in Budapest as well. The flat had amazing features; 4 separated bedroom, one for each of us and it was near to Budapest’s party district.

Heroes Squere

We tried to completely organise all of our activities, but it would have been nice to discuss it with someone who is from around here, and could have helped as we read so many negative experiences and we wanted to make sure that we avoid those. That’s how we ended up on the Budapest Escort Club website, where we could not only get useful tips, but we also managed to find gorgeous escorts and a person who can also show us around in Budapest. We got here many useful advices about which places should we visit and which should we completely avoid. We also choose a few escorts as we didn’t want to have fun alone in an unknown capital city, we also wanted to enjoy ourselves and be in safe hands.

Experiences in Budapest

After the arrival of our flight we already knew that we would have a lot of fun. During our journey to the accommodation part of the city looked like it remained here from the set of Mad Max, but with a Western European public safety, so the night life is not dangerous at all, not even for a foreigner. After occupying our accommodation we immediately went to try the beer bicycling, which is a typical activity in Budapest, that was our programing for the night and it was also a great and unique way to get to know the city. Fortunately from whom we rented the beer bicycle provided us with a decent amount of beer and a sober driver, so our safety and good mood was guaranteed. “Bicycling” on one of the most spectacular avenue in Budapest called Andrassy was unreal, we managed to make amazing experiences with the people who live there as they were patient and got our jokes while passing by us. Probably they got used to these spectacles like us.

Szechenyi Bath

After this we went to a “ruin pub”, where it wasn’t only about the amazing fun, but also the unique interior design. We could also sit in a convertible Trabant. It would be way too long to write down all the amazing fun and activities what we have experienced during our long weekend. But I would really like to emphasise our visit to the Szechenyi bath, to a night Club and to a wine tasting, where we tried Hungary’s finest wines, of which I was surprised as I wasn’t expecting such high quality. I can’t leave it without mentioning the gorgeous girls in Budapest, with whom we spent many amazing hours.

All in all, we spent an amazing couple of days in Budapest, we could truly relax and we had some unforgettable experiences. We made enough memories which worth to be told to our friends over and over again.”

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